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An intelligent client needs an intelligence unit. Space Managers have a unique role to play in linking academic and estates plans. From political to practical and strategic to operational, Space Managers need a portfolio of tools, techniques, and skills to help departments do more with less and balance competing demands for space. We have helped Space Managers to expand their influence and measure what really matters to optimise space.


The practical and political challenges of re-allocating and adjusting space are legion

Our tools and techniques are increasingly recognised as innovative and highly effective.

We design our tools and models for expert practitioners and to be used within planning processes long after our work has finished. Knowledge transfer is a critical aspect of our approach.


Estates Strategy

We’ve been developing  Estate Strategies for more than a decade. 

Space Optimisation

Our innovative tools and techniques have saved our clients as much as 8% of their floor area.

Timetable & Teaching Space Planning

Our work has been described as powerful and profound.  Our cross-functional approach is the key to managing constraints and improving utilisation


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Luton College

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CPB Projects respond enthusiastically to set briefs through detailed and wide ranging investigations, engaging with staff and consultants to ensure a successful project can be delivered on time

Andy Riggs FCA MBA BSc
Chief Finance Officer, Solent University

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