Strategic Planning

What would it mean if all your departments performed as well as your best departments? ‘One Department, One Year’, what do you have to lose?


Has Higher Education reached a point where it has become fundamentally unsustainable and, if it has, what can be done to create a more sustainable sector?

Over the last 30 years our experience in both the HE Sector and in private practice has given us significant insights into the key issues affecting HE and the solutions which are available to address them.  For us this is not a matter of grand strategy and transformational change at the organisational level because such initiatives often tend to over-promise and under-deliver.  Our approach is based on our increasingly respected work in integrated planning. 

Integrated solutions are often necessary to respect the complex relationship that exists between academic strategies and the operational environment in which they are implemented. Critically, we perceive the key to effecting meaningful improvement and engaging staff in the fundamental need for change lies in acting at the departmental level.  This is where nuances in approach and issues of organisational identity can be harnessed to positive effect and where it is possible to avoid the classic pitfalls of change management.


Our work in this sphere is increasingly recognised as innovative and highly effective. While integrated approaches pervade all our work, Integrated Strategic Planning is a bespoke, and confidential service for selected clients only.

Our ISP Service focuses on one department with a supportive and rigorous process for performance improvement. Our model is predicated on developing a shared sense of purpose and commitment to improvement in a sensitive manner. For departments facing difficult and uncomfortable decisions, ISP offers a constructive and collaborative approach to identifying and implementing meaningful improvements with the support of staff teams and key stakeholders. We believe that every department contains the potential to succeed and thrive even in the most hostile and challenging of competitive markets.


Case study

Oxford University

At ORBIT, we love helping management teams develop sustainable strategic solutions.

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CPB Projects have played a significant role in helping us to review the current position and to formulate a way forward in respect of the revised Estate Strategy. This was presented to the University’s Council and received overwhelming support. This is in no small way due to the hard work you put in to guide the members through the proposals.

Ian Callaghan
Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary, UEA

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