Who we are

Innovators in Strategic Estates Planning, Space Management and Teaching Space Analysis.


Strategists whose core strengths are integrally linked with understanding the processes, systems and practicalities of managing within the higher and further education sectors.


Developers who have created a new paradigm in space modelling (SPARSAM), a tool for integrated planning.


Networkers in the purest sense, who assemble and manage bespoke project teams from our strategic delivery partners and specialist associates.

What we do

Focus on the critical issues at the front-end of Projects where up to 80% of costs are irrevocably committed.


Design integrated solutions that respect the complex relationship between academic strategies and the operational environment in which they are implemented.




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We facilitate better communications to:

  • Secure the backing of key colleagues and stakeholders

  • Deliver stronger performance and increased income

  • Lower operating costs

  • Improve KPIs and other metrics

Reduced Resource Envelope versus Improved Performance

Work with us

Our work has been instrumental in shaping Estates Strategies and Masterplans and our insights have saved many of our clients a good deal of time, effort and energy in resolving seemingly intractable problems in the domains of space management and timetabling.


Our work is increasingly recognised as being innovative and highly effective in helping Universities sharpen their competitive edge in an increasingly challenging and dynamic market.  It can prove challenging to balance students’ satisfaction and financial health with adequate levels of estate investment. 


Our methods recognise that integrated planning is increasingly a critical success factor. 


We understand our clients exceptionally well and our collaborative approach works at the deep structure of the most difficult resource allocation problems. 


By working with us, our clients are able to address these problems in a cross-functional manner and engage the wider academic community with key strategic challenges.  


Our mission is to make every one of our clients more competitive and to strengthen the sector one project at a time.

Integrated Solutions for better performance

Enabling clients to tackle complex projects and challenging performance issues