Scenario Planning & Rapid Space Modelling Tool – SPARSAM

SPARSAMTM is the leading model for improving space management practice and for working efficiently with complex data.

An economical way to model future space requirements

Our Scenario Planning and Rapid Space Modelling Tool (SPARSAM™) is an innovative tool to help estates directorates and project teams:

Compare existing space allocations with modelled projections

Incorporate real-world dynamics of space usage and calibrate for local standards, practices, behaviours and preferences

Take strategic decisions about future space requirements and estates planning with confidence

SPARSAM™ is supported by a wealth of experience surrounding the estates strategy process and a high level of skill in strategic briefing

In addition, SPARSAM™ has been designed specifically to assist estates directorates and project teams to:

Take the politics out of assessing future space requirements

Deliver value from both capital and revenue budgets

Improve end-user satisfaction and engagement in projects

Case study

Luton College

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Solent Future Ready is a 5 year programme to deliver the University’s strategic plan. ‘Rationalising the Estate’ is one of the key workstreams. It recognises that the Estate has grown larger in recent years and is not being used efficiently. Covid-19 has exacerbated this. More activity is now conducted remotely and we anticipate that there are significant benefits in maintaining some of these working practices in the future.

We’ve used SPARSAM to model our future staff and student space requirements. It has allowed us to validate space assumptions that reflect new working practices. We’ve also used it to assure the conceptual design for the future estate, making sure we are creating sufficient types of space to meet our varied requirements

Gareth Roberts
Head of Strategic Delivery, Solent University

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