Integrated Master Planning

The full benefit of a Master Plan may not become apparent for decades; its impact, however, may be felt for generations.

The importance of an Integrated Master Plan Briefing – Our philosophy

It is difficult to overstate the value of effective briefing and an integrated approach to master planning. A good quality brief is vital to:

  1. Establish the primacy of client control throughout the master planning process
  2. Ensure constancy of purpose in developing the estate over time
  3. Create a tangible link between the vision and its deliverability

The brief is a significant and consistently under-valued part of the master planning process

Briefing at an early stage has the potential to provide significant benefits including:

Clarifying of real end-user needs, and priorities

Balancing bold and creative vision with pragmatism

Defining clear project parameters, including affordability and focusing on deliverability

Establishing a disciplined approach to the overall master programme to drive value from every project

Our work often includes:

Revisiting current strategic plans to:
Modelling growth plans and future long-term space requirements

Engaging key stakeholders and managing effective consultations

Preliminary site analysis, and preparing strategic frameworks supporting client teams through governance stages and in processing master plan design teams

We focus on effective client-side preparation to drive value for money from master planning processes.

Our methodology involves:

Interpreting existing and latent academic strategies using innovative space modelling techniques and generating compelling scenarios for future estate development

Preparing effectively for the detailed work of master planning from a client-side perspective

Establishing and maintaining throughout the master planning process a pragmatic focus encompassing both value for money and return on investment

Case study

Luton College

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Bryan Thomas and his colleagues have been trusted advisors to the College, during both the development of our property strategy and the planning for our self-financed project.

I have always had confidence that Bryan knows how things are done in both further and higher education. We always receive a reliable service. Advice and support has been timely, pragmatic and well-informed.

Martin Raby
Principal, Cleveland College of Art & Design

CPB Projects helped the University through the critical early stages of our Capital Master planning process. Having quickly established productive working relationships with key stakeholders in our Academic Divisions, they have used their positive grasp of project briefing and programming techniques to marshal our diverse range of complex inter-related projects.

Their considerable skill and expertise has helped us to drive value from our capital budgets, to mitigate risks and to ensure that the delivery of the Capital Master Plan will help the University to achieve its major academic ambitions.

Director of Asset & Space Management

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