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Senior leaders

Leadership and success, and their complex inter-relationship, will always be the subject of intense debate. We have learned that constancy of purpose and situational leadership are two absolutely critical success factors for institutions. Increasingly, servant leaders command the necessary respect and trust among their people to tackle the grand challenges.


HE faces unprecedented challenges and criticism from multiple quarters

Performance improvement is increasingly a multi-faceted challenge

Our integrated planning models, strategic frameworks and innovative techniques could help your institution to do more with less…


Integrated Strategic Planning

Improvement of departmental performance could make a real difference for your institution.

Estates Strategy

We’ve been developing  Estate Strategies for more than a decade. 

Integrated Master Planning

A master plan casts a long shadow, effective briefing drives long-term value and underpins successful implementation

Project Planning & Briefing

We support clients during the vital scoping, modelling and briefing processes at the front-end of projects.

Space Optimisation

Our innovative tools and techniques have saved our clients as much as 8% of their floor area.

Timetable & Teaching Space Planning

Our work has been described as powerful and profound.  Our cross-functional approach is the key to managing constraints and improving utilisation


Case study

Luton College

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There’s no better time to start integrating your planning…