Strategic Connections are Mission Critical

As many institutions face the challenges of a more competitive and dynamic higher education marketplace, the role of the estate as a source of potential advantage has taken on renewed significance. For more than a decade, learning space design has evolved considerably across all tiers of the education sector with the result that student expectations about the quality of facilities to which they will have access have changed beyond recognition.


In this environment, the estate itself is increasingly perceived as a competitive tool to:

  • Deliver the quality of student experience necessary to attract and retain students

  • Provide capacity to meet students’ needs in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner

  • Facilitate new ways of working which improve the level of fit between academic activities and the estate which supports them


Our services are configured and designed to respond to specific client requirements and our capabilities are organised in two workstreams.


Effective Strategic Briefing and Project Preparation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Space Modelling

  • Briefing & Consultation


Estates Strategy and Business Case Formulation

  • Analysis, Modelling and Planning

  • Option Generation and Appraisal

  • Business Case and Reporting


Drawing upon our depth of experience, we help our clients to make strategic connections between people and processes by working across organisational and other boundaries. In this way, we ensure that individual projects benefit from the insights of different departmental perspectives.


We work very closely with all stakeholder groups to identify critical issues early on. This approach enables our clients to bring forward strategies, projects and solutions which can be delivered on time, to budget and in line with the original brief.


Our core strengths are intrinsically linked with our understanding of the processes, systems and practicalities of managing within the higher and further education sectors. Our special contribution lies in the facilitation of good decision-making within a politically-charged environment.


The DNA of
Successful Estate
Successful Estate Strategies DNA

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