Strategic Estates Planning

A four-fold challenge faces Estates Teams:

  • Assimilating and anticipating student needs and expectations

  • Engaging with academic staff to integrate evolving pedagogic practice with modern facilities

  • Reducing the backlog maintenance burden and achieving effective improvements from revenue spending on planned, reactive and lifecycle maintenance programmes

  • Managing capital projects with sufficient speed to keep pace with expectations and developments

Ultimately, estate performance is driven by linking estate planning to academic and corporate planning processes so that:

  • Every project no matter the size or scale has an academic imperative

  • Every pound invested has a tangible impact on the student or staff experience

  • Every opportunity is taken to leverage scarce resources and to do more with less

Conceptually, we see the fundamental link between strategic planning and estate planning as being mediated by the amount and type of space to be provided. This approach is vital to underpin:

  • Establishment of a coherent, affordable project brief

  • Evaluation of alternative options and development of a clear business case

  • Definition of cost information and investment appraisal

  • Consideration of phasing, programming and the impact of major project milestones on operational activities particularly those relating to the experience of students and staff of the institution

Our Services cover:

  • Estates strategy development and project management of the estates strategy process

  • Strategic Planning, Modelling and Briefing Services designed to link capital projects with academic strategy and build commitment for investment and change;

  • Client-side project management and support for internal processes from option appraisal through to implementation

Our services are configured and designed to respond to specific requirements and our principle is always to design our solutions in close collaboration with our clients.

Conceptual view of the Estates Strategy and Capital Projects Planning Process
Conceptual view of the Estates Strategy and Capital Projects Planning Process

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