Space is a strategic resource

Effective space management is increasingly critical to maintaining both a competitive standard of facilities and a sustainable size of estate. It is a means of tackling a wide range of issues facing universities and colleges in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.


The hallmarks of effective space management at this level include:

  • Application of strategic briefing techniques to identify and reconcile stakeholder requirements which can often be in conflict

  • A robust space modelling process which allows future needs to be assessed with skill and care and which allows decisions to be made with confidence

  • An understanding of physical capacities, adjacencies and design requirements and their compatibility with current and future parts of the property portfolio

Our briefing tools and facilitation process help clients to identify and evaluate their requirements before embarking on major projects and provide a critical foundation for business cases and project planning.


We use our depth of understanding of the education sector and its recurring space issues to connect the teaching and research activities of our clients with their major property challenges. 


In so doing, we provide a range of solutions for academic departments and property professionals alike to develop their understanding of critical priorities, realistic needs and major risks.

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Construction Toolkit

This Construction Toolkit resource is password-protected.

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Integrated Solutions for better performance

Enabling clients to tackle complex projects and challenging performance issues

“The TSAR analysis and the insights from the work CPB Projects carried out was powerful and profound. It has enabled Solent to reform its approach to planning space use and to drive towards tangible improvement in our curriculum and the estate which supports it.  I am happy to talk to any current or potential future clients” 

Andy Riggs FCA MBA BSc
Chief Finance Officer, Solent University 

Our work has made a difference for the following institutions...

Aston University | Newham Sixth Form College, London |  University of Surrey | University of East Anglia | Cleveland College of Art & Design

Southampton Solent University | King's College, London | National University of Ireland, Galway | University of Oxford

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