The Long Shadow


The full benefit of a Masterplan may not become apparent for decades, but its impact could be felt for generations. The value of effective briefing and an integrated approach to masterplanning is therefore difficult to overstate. 


Our Philosophy

The first priority, in any endeavour, must be the development of a clear and cogent brief which sets out the core requirements of the client aligned with its resources (human, physical and financial).  The brief is a significant and routinely under-valued part of the masterplanning process.


A good brief serves three purposes:

  • First, the brief establishes the primacy of client control throughout the Masterplanning process.  

  • Second, the brief provides a means for ensuring constancy of purpose in developing the estate.

  • Third, the brief creates a tangible link between the vision and the deliverability of that vision.  


A good quality brief is vital to ensuring that masterplanning projects both meet the needs of the University and achieve reasonable value for money.  


The Value Chain of Masterplan Briefing

Establishing the client brief for a Masterplanning Exercise is a critical but often under-valued step in the project process. Briefing at an early stage has the potential to provide significant benefits including:

  • Clarification of real end-user needs, helping to represent strategic priorities to both internal and external stakeholders;

  • Establishment of clear project parameters, including affordability, which places all developments in a pragmatic context, which in turn avoids common project planning pitfalls which can divert and consume precious resources;

  • Provision of a cost-effective means to evaluate a range of solutions, highlighting opportunities to make process and other small scale organisational changes, which can make scarce resources stretch further;

  • Balancing and exploration of innovative concepts/proposals with focus on the need to manage cases of “special pleading”;

  • Ingraining disciplined approaches to the overall master programme to drive value from professional teams, not least by maintaining a consistent client-side view throughout the process.

Our Services cover:


  • Modelling growth plans and future long-term space requirements;

  • Engaging key stakeholders and managing effective consultations;

  • Urban design analyses and visualisations of the draft strategic framework;

  • Supporting client teams through governance stages and in processing masterplan design teams.





Our method involves:

  • Interpreting existing and latent academic strategies using innovative space modelling techniques and generating compelling scenarios for future estate development

  • Preparing effectively for the detailed work of masterplanning from a client-side perspective;

  • Establishing and maintaining throughout the masterplanning process a pragmatic and practical focus encompassing both value for money and return on investment.

Facilitation Process

Facilitation Process

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