Our services have been repeatedly requested by clients with significantly different requirements. Here are a couple of examples which show the clarity of our thinking and our structured methodology.


“£ millions at risk and our capital programme on a knife-edge”


When a major funding application was recently rejected by their funders, our Client called in CPB Projects to turn the situation around.



  • Poor quality initial submission led the funders to question the ability of the institution to deliver value for public money and meet the funders’ objectives.

  • Long-term under-investment issues combined with entrenched inefficiencies raised doubts about the credibility of the senior team to improve performance.

  • Rejection represented a serious risk to the funding of the institution’s capital programme which was the critical lever for material improvement in performance.


How we helped


  • To correct the poor first impression, we focused on marshalling and presenting a cogent case with evidence to demonstrate the client’s intentions.

  • To demonstrate that the client’s plans represented good value for the funders, we re-wrote the capital application, to show the strong link between corporate strategy and the capital programme.

  • We identified clear, measurable gains to be delivered by the programme when fully implemented along with key milestones and agreed actions.

  • We facilitated the work of an internal project team, to deal with omissions and outstanding actions and to strengthen the link between academic strategy and the capital programme – particularly in the areas of investment appraisal and estate strategy development.

  • The revised funding application was approved without conditions and the funders complimented the client on the quality of the submission.

  • Client credibility with the funder was restored by using a self-critical and open approach which demonstrated awareness of the seriousness of the issues and the manner in which they needed to be addressed.

  • The funder committed itself to the capital programme in the manner necessary for schemes to be progressed and the client promptly received £7m in funding following approval of its resubmission.

“We simply could not have got this far without CPB.”


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Aston University: Teaching Space Analysis


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School of Health, City University London: Curriculum Planning and Teaching Space Modelling

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