• Integrated Solutions for Better Performance

    Integrated Solutions for Better Performance

    Enabling clients to tackle complex projects and challenging performance issues.

  • Improving the Performance of your Estate

    Improving the Performance of your Estate

    Providing the strategic path from Vision to Delivery.

  • Economical Space Modelling

    Economical Space Modelling

    Illuminating efficiency issues and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Resource Optimisation

    Resource Optimisation

    Capacity Planning and Performance Improvement.

  • Scenario Planning and Space Modelling

    Scenario Planning and Space Modelling

    From Curriculum Planning to Capital Projects.

There is no substitute for high-quality work at the planning stage

A substantial body of evidence exists that supports the view that a high percentage of final costs in any project are established during the initial phases of preparation. Effective project planning and more intense management involvement during these initial stages are the critical success factors for any major project.

The elements involved can best be explained in the following illustration

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Hence, our approach is predicated on getting the most value out during the preparation stage in order to save time, money and problems later in the project.

We work hard to achieve genuine consensus to build the foundations that will support change by collaborating with those most affected by, and most able to address, performance issues. As the effectiveness of project planning is critical to financial as well as practical outcomes, great emphasis is placed on scoping and briefing work, at the front-end of any project or assignment.