Bryan Thomas, Managing Director

Creator of the groundbreaking Scenario Planning and Rapid Space Modelling tool SPARSAM, which has already been successfully utilised on many major projects in the UK.

Bryan served in a variety of senior roles in the HE and Private Sectors, before forming CPB Projects to focus exclusively on developing integrated professional services for university clients.

He is an accomplished Higher-Education Manager and Consultant with vast hands-on experience in both Corporate and Faculty roles. His extensive work in University space management is increasingly recognised as both innovative and highly effective.

The architect of extensive research and good practice in resource management, he has authored conceptual and practical models to identify and evaluate future resource requirements.

Has an enviable track record of solving seemingly intractable problems for his clients, including facilitating change in the most complex and challenging of contexts and working in partnership with other third-party Public and Private Sector organisations.

Email: Bryan Thomas